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I’m Dorian Peña, and I’m a graphic designer and art enthusiast from the Los Angeles. I have always loved being creative in a multitude of forms, and have enjoyed fulfilling my creativity from the rudiments of drawing and sketching to watercolor, acrylic and oil paint, cardmaking, collage and graphic/digital art. I have grown to deeply appreciate the beauty and power of art which I witness and continuously pursue in my life.It is in the study of the subtle aesthetics and the visual expression of the human desire for beauty throughout history where I feel my deepest sense of fulfillment is achieved. I love the history of the arts, both fine and applied, and particularly possess an affinity for the arts of the early to late modern era of history. It is from this fascination as well as my general passion for art that I produce my work, drawing upon the wealth of inspiration that is the history of the arts. 


My graphic design work allows me to further indulge my passion in a way which allows me to make my love my career. Each of my creations is made with the intention of being a piece of art, art which exists and functions in the real world. This is art which serves as among the most valuable and effective means of communication to ever exist, and through graphic design I am able to bring the advantages of visual language to a diversity of clients and users, and help them communicate or translate their values into the realm of the visual. I’ve been told that design exists everywhere you look, and that it is design which cultivates a rich and prosperous culture. I would like to contribute to this most noble of causes, contributing to that which is seen and used by many but created and understood by less.  


I am committed to encouraging the proliferation of the arts, whether they be visual or performative, and, through my work of graphic design, hope to achieve this with the added goal of bringing art, beauty, and visual language to all. With every job I get and client I work with, this mission of mine comes closer to reaching its zenith. 

Thank you so very much for visiting, and please do reach out if you're interested in working together.


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